Broadway and Spring Street Bridges

Broadway Viaduct in rain storm LA River



Spring St Viaduct after rain LA River

The Broadway Street Bridge was rebuilt after the 1994 earthquake and won an award for keeping its original appearance after it was strengthened.



Broadway viaduct after a rain Los Angele



Broadway and Spring look very much the same but Broadway has many more details such as the columns atop the central pier. In the foreground is a railroad bridge that for all I know has no name. In the middle distance you can barely see the North Main street bridge.



broaway, spring, north main bridges LA



Here is a time exposure of Broadway after a rain. It is very difficult to take photos when the river is high, the water leaves very fast.



Broadway Viaduct after storm




Broadway Bridge Los Angeles detail





Los Angeles River rain storm flash flood




Spring Street Bridge rain Los Angeles Rv




Broadway and Spring viaducts at night