Adventures at the Spiral Staircase

This is one of my all time favorite places, the intersection of two freeways over railroad tracks AND the Los Angeles River


Right next to the intersection of the I5 North and the 110 (first freeway ever built), there is a staircase to permit people to escape the higher freeway by foot, to the lower freeway and eventually to a street.


It's better seen than described but I would like to do a book about this place sometime.


Here is a view below, by streetlights at night:



spiral staircase at the 110 freeway -I5


View from above; this is a very complicated place.


Spiral Staircase at 110 x I5 freeways


View from atop the staircase: unfortunately lately most of the streetlights are burnt out so it's much darker now.


I5 looking down at 110 freeway


View looking down the stairs, if you looked left from the photo above, you would see this.

This is one of my all time favorite photographs, I love the geometries going on here.


110 freeway stair access



View of the Spiral Staircase from the I5 onramp; the yellow barrels held sand for cars to hit; you can see this is not a very good place to linger.


110 freeway detail staircase



Overall view in daylight.... I much prefer night.

The Spiral Staircase is far left of center near a leaning tree.


overview of the LA River confluence



Above you can see how the two sides of the 110 freeway, north and south, cross the river.



Spiral Staircase at Midway Bridge